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Our Services

Alvarez Water Well Service offers a variety of water well services for any of your residential or agricultural projects. 

Complete Services


*Installation of a New or Refurbished Windmill and/or Tower

*Repair any size Windmill and/or Tower

*Preventive Maintenance on Windmill or Tower

*Oil Change

*Replace Leathers

*Inspect, Repair or Replace Cylinder

*Inspect / Replace Pipe & Sucker Rods

*Offer Yearly Maintenance & Service for your Windmill

Submersible & Solar Pumps

*Water Well Pump Extraction Services

*Well Pump Repair & Installation (Single Phase, Three Phase & Solar)

*Test gallon per minute & examine proper operations of existing pump system

*Troubleshoot system malfunctions & water pressure diagnosis 

*Examine Pump Motor Performance (amp load, grounding, and line voltage)

*Inspect / Replace down hole pipe

*Control Box & Pressure Switch Testing & Repair

*Pressure Tank, Bladder Tank & Storage Tank Installation


Well Maintenance & Rehabilitation

*Well Sanitization (Disinfect / Shock)

*Filter Changes

*Pumping & Recovery Levels

*Well Bailing / Jetting


Water Well Drilling


*Well drilling up to 1,400 feet deep

*Irrigation/ Livestock/ Ranching





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well ill 2.gif

Well Plugging & Abandonment

*Texas State Law requires all abandoned or unused wells to be plugged to prevent groundwater contamination.  Alvarez Water Well Service will acquire all necessary permits required in your area and file a State of Texas Plugging Report. For future reference, all permits along with complete documents including the plugging report will be provided after completion.

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